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Tuition, Fees, Room, and Board
If students withdraw or are dismissed before the 60% point of the term, they will be credited tuition, the student activities fee, room, and board on a prorated basis. The date of withdrawal or dismissal is determined by the Office of the Registrar. The prorated calculation will use the number of calendar days completed divided by the number of total calendar days included for the full term.

Financial Aid Refunds
If a student is receiving financial aid and is eligible for credit in accordance with the above paragraph, the credit received will first be applied to financial aid sources. Federal regulations will be used for return of Title IV funds and individual state, college, or outside scholarship policies for return of non-Title IV funds. Because financial aid funds must be used for educational expenses, when a student who is receiving financial aid for non-institutional costs withdraws from the college, a portion of this aid must be repaid. The order of distribution for the return of Title IV funds will be as follows:
  1. Unsubsidized FFEL/Direct Stafford Loan
  2. Subsidized FFEL/Direct Stafford Loan
  3. Perkins Loan
  4. FFEL/Direct PLUS Loan
  5. Pell Grant
  6. FSEOG
  7. Other Title IV programs
Other Credits
Board charges will be credited for each full week of extended illness or authorized absence. There will be no credit of room charges for students suspended or dismissed from on-campus housing.