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Returning After Dismissal

Students who have been dismissed from Vermont Technical College may return under the following conditions:
  • Students have met the requirements placed upon them at the time of dismissal 
  • Students notify the Office of Admissions in writing of their intent to return to Vermont Tech
  • Students are approved for re-admission by the Office of Admissions
Upon receiving notification from the Office of Admissions, the department chair or program coordinator will determine whether a fall or spring re-admission is most appropriate and will send a preregistration to the Office of Admissions outlining coursework and/or suggested coursework prior to re-admission. The Office of Admissions will forward returning student information to the Office of the Registrar, student housing, and the Office of Financial Aid.

Returning students desiring financial aid will have to appeal to the Office of Financial 
Aid to have their aid reinstated.  A new housing contract will need to be completed if the student wishes to live on campus. After returning, students will be on probation and will receive increased supervision and academic support for a minimum of one semester. Students will also be required to enroll in and pass the Effective Learning course.