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Academic Dismissal

Degree students may be academically dismissed from the college for a minimum of 1 term for:
  • Receiving a term or cumulative GPA below .70 
  • Not achieving good standing while on probation (on probation for more than 1 semester)
Students may also be dismissed from individual classes at any time when the instructor and/or Academic Dean determine(s) that continued enrollment is not appropriate, e.g. violation of cheating or plagiarism policy; nonattendance; inappropriate behavior; failure to complete assigned work; etc.                

Students dismissed during the term will receive grades of F or NP in any incomplete course.

Students who are dismissed may not enroll in any Vermont Tech course for a minimum of one term. This applies to consortium enrollment from other VSC institutions as well. Students returning from academic dismissal will be on probation for a minimum of one term and must enroll in and pass the Effective Learning course.