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Leave of Absence

To take a leave of absence once the term has started, a student must request the leave in writing through the Office of the Registrar or off-campus site office. A parent or guardian must request leave for a minor. Leave requires approval from the Academic Dean.

If the request is for a medical leave of absence, a letter from the studentís health practitioner may be required. Students approved for a medical leave of absence based on a letter from their health practitioner must provide a time frame for their return to a normal class schedule.

For a leave of absence to be approved, it is expected that incomplete coursework can be satisfactorily completed upon a studentís return and prior to the end of the subsequent term.

If a student fails to return to school at the end of the approved leave of absence or if the student makes a written request to rescind the leave of absence, the withdrawal date will be the original date of the request for leave or the last date of an academic event, whichever is later.

Grades for students on approved leaves of absence will be in accordance with the guidelines specified in Dropping a Course, with the exception that I or W grades may be used after the 60% point until the end of the leave of absence. College policy will be followed for students required by the college to take a mandatory leave of absence.