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Dropping a Course

A student who drops a course:
  • During the normal add/drop period will be dropped from the roster and will receive no grade
  • After the normal add/drop period and until the 60% point of a course will receive a grade of W 
  • For students who have enrolled under the VSC Enrollment Consortium Agreement, the  school-specific policies and procedures regarding add/drop/withdraw dates and procedures  that pertain to each student are those of the home institution
  • After the 60% point or who fail to drop the course will receive an earned grade whether they attend the remaining classes or not. Students who fail to drop a course are also responsible for costs incurred
If a student successfully completes a course before withdrawing from the college, he or she will receive from that course’s instructor an appropriate grade.

Students who drop courses after the first two weeks of class will not be reimbursed unless they withdraw from all their courses for the term. Students may not drop physics or math courses in the Engineering Foundations Track without the approval of the Academic Dean.