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Attendance/Assignment Requirements

Students are expected to meet the attendance/assignment requirements set by each instructor for each class in which they are enrolled. Failure to meet these requirements may result in removal from the class roster with a failing grade.

    In cases of excessive absences and upon the recommendation of the instructor, students may be dismissed from the college with failing grades.

    The make-up of any work missed for any reason will be at the discretion of the instructor. Any time a student misses a class, exam, laboratory, or other scheduled event, it is the studentís responsibility to inform the instructor and to make satisfactory arrangements for any make-up work.

Participation in varsity athletic contests may be considered excused absences. Practices are not excused absences. Athletes are responsible for all work missed and the instructor and athlete will make every reasonable effort to establish an acceptable make-up procedure. If no reasonable make-up alternative is possible, academic standing has priority.