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Placement Testing

Students who are provisionally accepted are required to take placement tests in English and mathematics. Test results are used to ensure that students are placed in the correct courses at registration.

Students who have completed a bachelorís degrees at a regionally accredited US college or university or have met the English and mathematics program requirements may be exempted.

If a studentís skills are below minimum levels, he or she will be required to take developmental courses in the appropriate areas. This would result in additional coursework and a longer overall enrollment period.

A student has the right to appeal the results of the placement test one time if dissatisfied with original score.

Students who place into a three-year mathematics or English sequence may still be accepted into programs that do not offer the three-year option. These students may require an additional year to complete their associate degree requirements.

Acceptance guidelines for nursing, dental hygiene, and respiratory therapy include placement into freshman-level English and minimum Accuplacer scores of at least 70 on arithmetic and at least 40 on algebra for Nursing and Dental Hygiene, 50 for Respiratory Therapy. Testing may be waived if an applicant has previous assessment testing from another VSC or if the applicant has approved transfer credit in math and English.