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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

According to language acquisition experts, non-native speakers of English need five to seven years of consistent exposure to oral and written academic language to achieve proficiency in college-level work. With this fact in mind, the following conditions and recommendations apply:
  • Vermont Techís writing placement test determines the studentís appropriate English course. If the studentís English skills are below the minimum level, he or she will be required to take ESL 0141. The ESOL student must achieve at least a B and demonstrate improved skills in two post-course placement tests in order to advance 
  • ESOL students who place in higher-level English courses will benefit from structured time at the Center for Academic Success. Tutors work with students to improve reading and writing skills. In addition, ESOL software in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation are available for study and practice
  • Students who do not achieve a placement level of 3 or its equivalent may require extra terms to complete their degree program
  • Students at all sites have access to ESOL support