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Vermont Academy of Science and Technology

The Vermont Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) provides an opportunity for high school seniors with a strong interest and ability in science and math to complete their senior year at Vermont Tech. Recognized by the state of Vermont as an approved independent high school, the program awards high school diplomas. Additionally, because Vermont state law allows VAST students to transfer Vermont Tech credits back to their sending high schools, the students may receive a second high school diploma from that school.

Applications for VAST will be accepted until April 1 and decisions made regarding acceptance into the program by April 15. Any available seats available after April 15 will be filled on a rolling basis.

Entry into VAST is competitive. Students should have a strong academic transcript and PSAT scores of 55 or higher for each sub-score. VAST students are expected to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA while attending Vermont Tech or they will be required to return to their sending high school. VAST students are also expected to adhere to all policies and procedures outlined in the student handbook.

Upon completion of the one-year program, students may remain at Vermont Tech to complete a degree or transfer to another institution.

The Vermont legislature has provided that a Vermont studentís general state support grant for the senior year of high school may be used to cover tuition for VAST. Vermont Tech provides financial aid to Vermont residents for any gap that may exist between the state grant and its tuition, enabling Vermonters to attend VAST tuition-free. Other non-tuition fees, including room and board for students who choose to live on campus, are the responsibility of the student.