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Spring 2010 College Grads

If you are graduating this spring and have Federal Stafford Loans or Federal Perkins Loans, please complete the necessary Exit Interview Information below. Completing the Exit Interview is mandatory for graduation if you have borrowed through these federal programs.
Loans - Exit Counseling
Stafford Loan Exit Counseling

Students who have loans and graduate, withdraw from VTC or drop below 6 credits are required to attend an Exit Interview. At the end of each semester, there are group exit counseling sessions. If a student is unable to attend one of these sessions they must make arrangements with the Financial Aid Office. These sessions will provide you with important information about repayment, deferment, and your rights and responsibilities under this federal program.
Electronic loan counseling is available at the link below:

When you have completed the process, information will be sent to the financial aid office.

Perkins Exit Counseling

Loan Links

National Student Loan Database - Use to check the current status of your student loans

Vermont Educational Loan Repayment Program for Nurses, LPN & RN -

Vermont Student Assistance Corporation -

VTC's Perkins Loan Servicer -