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How To View / Accept Your Financial Aid Award via Web Services

Beginning with the 2010-2011 award year we will be utilizing a paperless process for notifying returning students of their financial aid eligibility and all new and returning students of revisions to their awards.
Once students have been awarded they will receive an email from Financial Aid indicating that an award has been processed and that they should sign on to Web Services to view their award.
Through the use of Web Services students have 24/7 access to all financial aid requests needed to identify eligibility for aid. We encourage students to check their Web Services account frequently for updates as web services relays information in real-time. If the award is an Estimate students must submit verification documents as listed in web services. Students should check Web Services periodically to view/accept their Aid using the following links:
  1. Go to Vermont Tech website.

  2. Click on PORTAL LOGIN in upper right hand corner.

  3. The blue login button is for students, click on it and login.

  4. Click VSC Web Services in upper right corner.

  5. Login

  6. Click Students

  7. Under the Financial Aid category  select Financial Aid Award Letter

  8. Select year you wish to view

  9. Select financial aid office (Vermont Technical College)

  10. Click Submit
To alert students to needed information and to revisions on their award we send emails to students on their Vermont Technical College email account directing them to Web Services. Therefore, you must activate your Vermont Tech student email account if you havenít already done so.