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Transferring to Vermont Tech

If you will be transferring to Vermont Technical College from another college for spring or summer term, you will need to follow these steps to assure that your financial aid information is received by VTC:

1.    Make sure that VTC is listed on your FAFSA information.  You may add VTC either electronically or by phone.

You may add VTC electronically at  Make sure that you have your Department of Education PIN number.

You may call 1-800-433-3243 and request that the new college be added to your FAFSA information.  You will, however, need your DRN number found on your student aid reports to make the request.

2.    You will be asked for our school code.  Vermont Technical College school code is 003698.
3.    If you borrowed a Stafford student loan at your previous college for the entire academic year but will be attending VTC for spring term, you will want to cancel the spring term disbursement at your previous college.  You may do so by contacting the appropriate guarantee agency and/or lender you acquired your loans through.
  Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC Loan Dept. ):
                or     1-800-798-8722

  Direct Loan Borrower Services:
               or 1-800-848-0979

If you are unsure of what Guarantee Agency you used, go to the National Student Loan Data System to view your loan history. 

4.    Once you have completed these steps, your financial aid information will be transferred to Vermont Technical College. If any additional information is needed, a tracking letter will be sent to you indicating any missing documents.  Once your financial aid file is complete, your eligibility will be reviewed and you will be mailed an award letter that will explain the types of financial aid that you are eligible to receive.  The award letter will include instructions on applying for a Stafford student loan through Direct Lending.