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Charges and Fees

Charges and Fees
Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the costs, descriptions, payment, and refund policies, and the definition of residency for tuition payment purposes as detailed in the following documents.
Billing statements will be made available on-line each week throughout the initial billing periods for each semester and on/around the 1st and 15th of each month throughout the semesters (see Billing Due Dates section). Students will receive an email to their VTC email account when their bill is available for viewing. It is the students responsibility to check their account status on-line periodically to ensure that their financial aid has posted to their account or payments are being made when due. It is the students responsibility to ensure that all miscellaneous scholarships are posted by the appropriate billing due date. Our office will add miscellaneous charges (parking permit fees, parking fines, add/drop fees, graduation fees, dorm damage fines etc.) that are deemed necessary by the receiving offices. For a complete listing of fees, please see the Charges and Fees section of our page.
To check your students bill go on-line and follow these below steps: (must be an Authorized User to access)
  • Go to
  • Select VSC BILL PAYMENT box to your left
  • Log in again using your VSC User ID and password (Authorized users will use email address set up as their User ID and log in under the Authorized User section)
  • From here you can select what you’d like to do (Choose the EBILL tab to look at the latest statement posted).

Accounts that go unpaid by the published due date are subject to a $100 Late Financial Clearance Fee and a financial hold. A financial hold will not allow the registration of any future courses within the Vermont State College system, nor is the student able to obtain a transcript.