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Expectations of Students in the Program of Dental Hygiene

Degree Requirements

To be eligible for graduation, a student must have attained a cumulative average sufficient to meet the minimum grade point average requirement of 2.0. Grades in courses accepted for transfer credit are excluded in computing this average.  In addition, 30 of the last 39 credits must be taken at Vermont Technical College.

Use of the English Language

Correct use of the English language is required of all dental hygiene students. Written work of any kind that is unsatisfactory in manuscript form, grammar, punctuation, spelling, or effectiveness of expression may be penalized, regardless of content.  Students whose written work falls below the standard of correct usage may be referred for additional instruction, even though the first-year course in English has been passed.

Before admission to the department, foreign students must offer evidence that they are capable of reading and writing English at the college level.


A student who is not present at the beginning of a class or class exercise may be marked absent.

Right of Appeal

Students who believe that they have been unfairly treated may appeal in writing to the Dean of the College.

Low Scholarship Policy Department of Dental Hygiene Expectations

Completion of all program requirements including a minimum of 72 approved semester hours and a cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or above is required for the Associate in Science Degree in Dental Hygiene.

Complete at least 50% of the course work at the home institution.

Each of the professional dental hygiene courses must be successfully completed with a minimum grade of C (73 class average).

Any specific independent project(s) that has been identified as “a graduation requirement” by the Program Director must be completed.

The candidate must attain a level of clinical competence and professional judgment, which, in the opinion of the faculty, demonstrates adequate preparation for professional licensure examinations.

Financial obligations to the Vermont Technical College and the Department of Dental Hygiene must be resolved.

Any probationary status, whether it is disciplinary, academic or professional, must be resolved.

Professional Standards                                     

Students in the health care field are expected to assume and maintain an ethical and professional responsibility and respect for themselves, their patients, colleagues and the faculty.  These personal qualities are essential in order for students to meet expected curricular obligations.  Daily student behaviors that reflect these attributes include, but are not limited to: being prompt, preparing for and attending all classes, labs, activity sessions and clinics, demonstrating integrity, courteousness and cooperative conduct inside and outside the classroom and displaying an attitude that enables learning to occur.

If, in the opinion of the faculty, a candidate is unsuited for the practice of dental hygiene, recommendation for licensure and the Associate in Science Degree in Dental Hygiene will be withheld.