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Classroom and Lab Attendance and Late Arrival Policies

Lecture/Lab Attendance Policy

Three lectures or lab sessions per course can be missed without a grade change.
After the third absence, the course grade will be lowered five percentage points for each additional absence. For example, if two lectures and one lab, have been previously missed, then the next absence from either a lecture or lab session will lower the course grade by five percentage points.

Lab Sessions:

Students are expected to attend all laboratory sessions. All missed sessions must be made up prior to the next scheduled lab at a time scheduled by the instructor.

It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor and arrange a make-up time on or before the day of the lab. If a student does not contact the instructor on or before the day of the lab OR if a missed lab session is not made up prior to the next scheduled lab, the student will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled lab session and will be considered absent from this session.

Neither student nor faculty schedules allow much time for flexibility; students are advised to be conscientious about lab attendance (the instructor may only be able to make up a lab with a student during a time when the student has another class scheduled).

Late Arrival Policy for Classes and Labs

Students should be in the classroom or lab area and ready to begin class at the beginning of the scheduled class time. Excessive tardiness will be counseled; please refer to "Corrective Actions" below.

Missed Classroom Examinations

Make-up exams will be given on a specific day and at a specific time (to be determined by instructor) to those students who contact the instructor on or before the day of the exam to give the instructor a reason for missing the exam.

A make-up exam will not be given if the student does not make arrangements on or before the day of the exam.