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Substance Abuse Policy for Clinical Settings

If any student is suspected of being impaired, i.e. odor of alcohol/marijuana, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, ambulatory problems, inability to comprehend or follow oral or written direction, or other such indicia, in a clinical or other College setting, the student’s primary clinical instructor or any other instructor or College official should seek verification of such suspicion by another College instructor or official or a member of the agency’s staff.
If there is confirmation of the suspicion, the student shall be confronted by the instructor or another appropriate College or clinical official. If, upon confrontation with the student, the instructor or other appropriate official believes the student is impaired, then the student shall be required to leave the clinical or College setting immediately.

Prior to returning to the class/clinical setting, the student and Site Director (or designee) will review the "Return to Class/Clinical Agreement" form. The student's failure to comply with the conditions of this document will be referred to the Dean of Enrollment and Student Affairs review and potential disciplinary action.
Notice of such action shall be forwarded to the Director of the Nursing Education Programs or the Dean of Academic Affairs for appropriate disciplinary and/or academic process and action.