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Classroom Code of Conduct

Students in all Nursing and Allied Health programs will at all times conduct themselves in a manner that serves to maintain and promote and enhance the high quality academic environment.  To this end, it is expected that all members of the learning community will adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. Students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled classes.
  2. Students are expected to arrive prepared for class and on time, and they will remain in class until the class is dismissed.
  3. Students will treat all members of the learning community with respect.  Toward this end, they will promote academic discourse and the free exchange of ideas by listening with civil attention to comments made by all individuals.
  4. Students are to maintain an appropriate academic climate by refraining from all actions that disrupt the learning environment. Cell phones may not be used in class or clinical unless directed by the instructor.  Students must follow clinical agency policies, including use of cell phones and social media.