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Bill Payment

There are two payment options for students:
  • Students can pay semester bills in full based on the due date guidelines found at
  • Students can sign up for a payment plan each term at the VSC Bill Payment System Parents/Guardians can also sign up once the student makes an Authorized User (see for set-up). The plan charges a $30 enrollment fee each term and offers a 6, 5, 4 or 3 month plan for the fall term and a 5, 4 and 3 for spring term only. The 6 month payment plan opens in June, the 5th in July, the 4th in August and the 3rd in September. Please see the Payment Plans section at for more other semester's payment plans.
Each option takes into consideration financial aid to be received. The student alone is responsible for his/her account and is expected to pay all bills on time. Students may be subject to suspension from class or dismissal from the college for financial delinquency. Financial delinquency includes failing to meet any payment agreement previously approved by the Student Accounts Office or failure to submit any paperwork required and requested by the Financial Aid Office in a timely manner. Students must fulfill all financial responsibilities to the College by the end of each semester. Students failing to do so will have College records and transcripts put on hold, and will not be permitted to register for subsequent semesters, or graduate, see Graduation Requirements in the College catalog. Communication is the key to keeping one's Vermont Tech student account in good standing. Student Accounts staff is available daily to discuss daily to discuss any unexpected changes in a students' financial situation and can be considerable help.