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The VSC portal is the College's online center for all types of information.  New users activate their account at by clicking the Activate my account link on the VSC login page.   Students can also get their username or college ID by clicking on the links on the lower left of the page. 

The portal is the College's online center for all types of information from class schedules and cancellations to ride boards and club activities and financial aid other information.


Each student enrolled will have a Vermont Tech email account and is expected it or forward mail to an account that they will check on a regular basis.

Web Services

Web Services is where students access their class schedules and final grades and a wide variety of other information using the following menus:

Student Academic Planning – has program evaluations/degree audits and graduation applications

Student Academic Profile – has the VSC class schedule, grades/warnings, transcripts, academic alerts/progress reports, test scores, my profile (program, advisor and contact info), FERPA authorization form and email advisor

Student Registration – Search for sections, register/drop sections.  Students must be approved by their advisor to do online registration, add or drop and it is only available during preregistration and first week of classes

Student Billing/Financials – Payments, bills, health forms and meal plans.  Bills are generated by the registration process that take place during the months prior to the start of class.

Student Financial Aid – Documents, awards and statuses


The Moodle learning management system is used for online classes and as a resource center by instructors. The My Moodle Classes link in the center column on the portal only displays classes that have been activated by the instructor.

Search for Sections

Searching for sections or class offerings at any of the Vermont State Colleges is in Web Services under Student Registration and available without login at by clicking on Prospective Student.

Select a specific-college term and at least other piece of information such as a course subject (ENG), course number (1061), section number (T1), location (VTC for Main Campus offerings, TONL for online offerings, TWIL for Williston Campus offerings), or, select an Academic Level of “UG” to display all sections offered in that term and click submit.