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First Term Registration

Newly admitted students are automatically registered for a full-time class schedule based on their placement, prior credits and program requirements, unless they have indicated to Admissions that they want to be less than full time.   Registration takes place in the months just prior to the start of classes, after applicants have been accepted and paid their deposits.  Initial class schedules are tentative and may change up until the start of classes.  Class schedules are available on Web Services.  Hard copies of the official schedule may be available at the Office of the Registrar or site office during orientation.

Students that need to change their initial schedules may do so with their advisor during orientation and through the first week of classes.  Online registration, add and drop are only available during the preregistration periods and the first week of classes, and only when approved by the academic advisor.  All other class schedule changes are on preregistration forms or add/drop slips that must be returned to the Office of the Registrar.