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Room and Board Contracts

Student room and board contracts cover their residence hall room and meal plan, and are legally binding for the academic year. Room and meal plan charges are effective from the opening of the residence halls at the start of each semester. The College reserves the right to change or cancel specific room assignments in the interest of health, discipline, security, energy conservation, or the general welfare of the students. In addition, the College may change or alter the living or recreational arrangements in the residence halls when deemed appropriate, impose disciplinary action for the violation of rules, and seek financial restitution for damage or loss of property.
  • Students are not allowed to remain in their rooms over vacations, or to return before scheduled break times are officially over. Returning early without authorization will result in a fine. Please refer to the vacation opening and closing schedule
  • Students are responsible for keeping assigned rooms and common areas in good condition. Damages to individual rooms are normally the shared responsibility of the students assigned to that room, unless one roommate takes full responsibility in writing. In common areas such as hallways and lounges, all residents of that floor or wing are held responsible for damages.
  • All students residing in Randolph Center residence halls are required to purchase a College meal plan. Vermont Technical College requires all students, on the Randolph Center campus, to live   in the residence halls two years. Students wishing to  be released from their housing contracts must  make a request  in writing to the Assistant Dean of Students