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The Student Life Staff

The Assistant Dean of Students oversees all aspects of Residence Life and the discipline processes. Through the Resident Directors and student Resident Assistants, the Assistant Dean ensures a quality of residence life consistent with the educational mission of the College by supervising the Residence Hall Staff and acting as a liaison to the Dean of Enrollment and Student Affairs and other offices.

The Resident Directors live in the apartments located in each residence hall and are the professional staff responsible for the general management and administration of their particular buildings. They implement the majority of first sanctions when a violation of policy in their building is reported. They supervise the Resident Assistants, respond to emergency situations, and hold office hours on weekdays.

Resident Assistants, RAs, are student staff members who play a key role in developing a successful community on each floor. They act as a resource to students, an objective listener, a leader when activities or programs are planned, and an assistant to the Resident Director when safety issues arise. Resident Assistants will call floor meetings when students first arrive on campus and periodically throughout the semester to keep everyone informed about campus and hall issues.

Office Assistants are work-study student employees and are available at the hall desk to loan equipment and to assist the Resident Director during posted hours.