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Vehicles, Traffic and Parking Regulations:

Vehicle Registration and Parking

Anyone associated with Vermont Tech may have one vehicle on campus and must register that vehicle with the Public Safety Department at the Randolph Center Campus or with Bev Cloutier or Donna Teasdale in the Administration building at the Williston Campus within forty-eight hours or two business days of arrival on campus. Parking permits may be obtained either during the fall or spring orientation or Monday through Friday, 9-5, in the Public Safety office, Administrative Center 122. Parking permit fees are:
  • $50 per vehicle per academic year, expires May 30
  • $25 per vehicle for spring semester only, expires May 30
Temporary parking permits are available; these permits are good for up to two weeks. There is a $1 deposit, refundable when the permit is returned within the time agreed upon by the vehicle owner and the Public Safety Department.

Restricted Areas and No Parking Zones

campus roads, grassed areas or sidewalks; within six feet of any fire hydrant; fire lanes or fire exits; all loading or delivery areas; all curbs or areas marked with yellow paint; all parking spaces designated for specific persons or vehicles; all building entrances; all "No Parking" areas designated by temporary or permanent signs or barriers. Any area that is not specifically designated as a parking area, either by signage or by parking stalls painted on the pavement, should be understood as a no-parking area.

Further, there are specific areas designated for faculty, staff, and visitors in front of Conant, Judd, and Morrill Halls. Students who park in these areas will receive parking citations. Parking spaces are reserved for people with disabilities in front of Judd Hall and the Administrative Center. Motorcycles are to be parked in areas designated by signs in each parking lot

At the Williston Campus parking in front of the Nursing building, Rack Warehouse or Creative Sound is prohibited.

All other vehicles such as snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, etc., must be registered with Public Safety Office. Specific instructions for parking these vehicles will be given upon registration. Lack of space is not a valid excuse for illegal parking.

Snow Removal

Twenty-four hours notice will be provided on all main bulletin boards and by campus email advising the dates, times, and other specifics of snow removal. Failure to move a vehicle for snow removal is a violation, subject to a fine, towing, or both at the owner‘s expense. Vehicles will be towed to another location on campus. Not seeing lines due to snow is not a valid excuse for a parking violation.

Vacation Parking Rules

Students wishing to leave their vehicles on campus during vacation breaks must notify the Public Safety Office. An area for parking will be designated at that time.

Traffic Regulations

Faculty, staff and students are expected to know and comply with Vermont motor vehicle laws and Vermont Tech traffic and parking regulations. In addition, the following campus restrictions apply:

The maximum speed on campus is 15 mph. Pedestrians shall be given the right of way at all times. Driving on walks, lawns, or areas not designated as roadways is prohibited. The individual is responsible for any violations issued to a vehicle which he or she owns or operates.

Traffic and parking citations may be handed to the owner or operator, placed on the vehicle windshield, or, in special cases, mailed to the registrant. Repeat violators of Vermont Tech traffic and parking regulations may have their motor vehicle privileges revoked. An appeal of such a decision may be filed through the usual appeal process.


Accidents occurring on campus must be reported to Public Safety immediately, and accidents involving $1000 in personal injury or property damage or hit and run accidents will be reported to the Vermont State Police who, with Vermont Tech Public Safety, will conduct the investigation. People charged with hit-and-run will be prosecuted under the Vermont criminal statutes.

Fines, Penalties and Appeals

No permit or improperly displayed$50
Parking in restricted areas, no parking zones$25
Failure to move vehicle for snow removal$25
Parking in handicap space or firelane$50
Unregistered or abandoned vehicle$50
Driving to endanger/speeding$75
Driving in unauthorized areas$75

Additional sanctions may be added to any of the above fines depending on the severity of the offense.

Appeals for any penalties or violations must be submitted in writing within five working days of the violation to the Assistant Dean for Campus Life, 225 Conant, 728-1319, Students may choose to have their case heard by the Assistant Dean for Campus Life or the Student Disciplinary Board. Students will be notified of hearing dates by the board. A copy of the ticket must accompany the letter of appeal. If fines are determined, they are payable to the Business Office. Unpaid fines may put a student account in a past due status which will prevent students from registering for classes or receiving transcripts or diplomas.


Vermont Technical College has the authority to remove any vehicle that is improperly parked. Owners of towed vehicles will be responsible for the expense of towing and any fines or penalties imposed. Vehicles left unattended or illegally parked for more than seven days will be towed.

Registration and Insurance of Personal Property

Students may register valuable articles with the Public Safety Office. A record of the item, serial number, model number, and description will be maintained as long as the student remains on campus. An engraving tool is also available for marking items for identification. The College does not insure personal property against theft, vandalism or other damages. Students are encouraged to provide their own insurance.

Weapons Storage

Weapons are allowed for legal hunting or by use of members of the Gun Club. ALL weapons must be stored in the Public Safety office. Weapons will be signed in and out by a Public Safety officer. NO weapons are to be stored in vehicles or residence hall rooms.