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VAST Residential Student Procedure for Overnight Campus Departure

The College recognizes the value of having students remain on campus during the weekend and endeavors to provide social and cultural activities for those students. It also realizes that many students, especially those who live within the State, choose to maintain ties with family and friends by going home for the weekend or occasionally on a weeknight.

All VAST students who choose to leave the campus must sign out with the Resident Director or Resident Assistant on duty. They must sign back in with the Resident Assistant on duty when they return. If the students‘ destination is somewhere other than their home, parental permission is required. Students need to notify the Resident Assistant on duty if they will be unavoidably late in returning to campus from a weekend or day trip.

Parents and Guardians can give blanket permission to allow a VAST student the right to depart overnight to a destination other than their home. The permission should be submitted in writing to either the Assistant Dean of Students or the Director of VAST.

The Director is responsible for implementing this policy, assisted by the Resident Assistants. Students who violate this policy will be referred to the Director of VAST who will determine the appropriate action to be taken.