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VAST Residential Student Procedure for Overnight Guests

Because of the unique nature of the VAST student body, the College invokes a different standard than exists with other VTC students. VAST students under the age of eighteen cannot have guests in their room or be guests in another room between the hours of 1:00am and 7:00am. Permission to have guests must be granted by a parent or guardian to the Residence Hall Director on duty prior to 9:00pm on the night the guest will stay over.

In the case that a VAST student‘s roommate is also under the age of 18, the roommate‘s parent(s) or guardian(s) must also grant permission.

Any time there is a guest staying overnight in the room of a VAST student under eighteen his or her parent or guardian must give permission.

Parents and Guardians can give blanket permission to allow a VAST student the right to have overnight guests. The permission should be submitted in writing to either the Director of Student Life or the Director of VAST.

The Director of VAST and Assistant Dean of Students are responsible for implementing this policy, assisted by the Resident Assistants and Resident Hall Directors. Students who violate this policy will be referred to the Director of VAST who will determine the appropriate action to be taken.