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Guests and Visiting Hours

  • A guest is anyone who is not assigned to live in your room or suite. Guests who live on campus do not need to sign in with Residence Life staff. They are held to the same limitations and responsibilities as off-campus guests, however.
  • Guests who do not live on campus must be signed in with Residence Life staff by 11:00 PM, or they may be asked to leave and the host may face disciplinary sanctions.
  • If a guest is too intoxicated to drive, the host should notify the Resident Director on duty.
  • Guests under eighteen years of age must sign in by 9:00 PM, and the Resident Director on duty must receive permission from the guest's parent or guardian for him or her to stay.
  • Both the student and the guest must provide identification to the Resident Assistant on duty to sign in. The guest should also provide his or her license plate number to the Resident Assistant to avoid receiving a parking ticket. Failure to sign in a guest may result in lost guest privileges, fines, and possible housing probation.
  • All residents of a room must agree to allow the guest to stay; in some cases, the Resident Director on duty may ask for written permission from a roommate.
  • Residents are responsible for the conduct and whereabouts of their off-campus guests, and for any damage or fines incurred by a guest.
  • Guests are to abide by Vermont Tech policies while on campus; it is the responsibility of the host to inform his or her guest of those policies. Failure to do so could result in diminished or revoked guest privileges, as well as fines and further disciplinary action, depending on the nature of the offense.
  • No guest may stay on campus for more than three nights per seven-day week, and no guest who lives on campus may stay in another room more than three nights per seven-day week. Additionally, no student may sign in any guest more than three times per seven-day week. A student may have up to two guests at one time staying with him/her.