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Improper Use of Fire Safety Equipment

Misuse of any fire safety systems endangers both life and property, is considered a serious offense and can lead to disciplinary action up to, and including, dismissal. Specifically, abuse of or tampering with fire alarm, smoke detector or extinguisher systems is strictly forbidden. Emergency exit doors are not to be blocked on either side by obstructions of any kind. Falsely pulling any alarm or intentionally setting off a smoke detector is illegal and may be punishable by fine or imprisonment.

Hallway fire doors must be kept shut at all times.

Permitted Appliances

  • Hot air popcorn poppers
  • On/off switch or rheostat controlled hotpots and coffee makers
  • Refrigerators no larger than 2 cubic feet
  • UL approved power strips
  • Fans

Non-Permitted Appliances

  • Microwaves, toaster ovens, hot plates
  • Extension cords
  • Air conditioners
  • Halogen lamps
  • Camp stoves/lanterns

Room Decorations

  • Please use common sense and do not put flammable materials in contact with heat sources such as lights, computers, etc.
  • Nothing may be hung from the ceilings, fire safety equipment, or from conduits.
  • Students, at the discretion of the Director of Facilities, students may be required to take down storage arrangements or decorations deemed unsafe.