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This is a list of standard fines for typical violations of the College Code of Conduct. In addition to these fines students may also be charged for damages and repair costs or recharging of fire extinguishers. Fines may also be combined with other sanctions as listed above.

First OffenseSubsequent
Failure to comply with a College officialper offense:$25
Providing false informationper offense:$25
Failure to appear at a disciplinary hearingper offense:$25
Failure to complete assigned community serviceper hour:$10
Assault, physical or nonphysical abusefirst offense:$100$150
Possession of fireworksper offense:$50
Possession or use of an incendiary, chemical or explosive devicefirst offense:$100$200
Unauthorized possession of a weaponfirst offense:$100$200
Disconnecting a smoke alarmfirst offense:$75$150
Misuse of/tampering with fire safety equipmentfirst offense:$250$500
Failure to exit a building during a fire alarmper offense:$25
Possession/use of prohibited appliancesfirst offense:$25$50
Propping of fire/emergency exit doorsper offense:$250
Guest policy violationsfirst offense:$25$50
Restroom violationper offense:$25
Possession/use of flammable items in residence hallsfirst offense:$25$50
Smoking offensesfirst offense:$25$50
Entering/exiting a building through a windowper offense:$50
Prank telephone callsper offense:$25
Reckless skateboard/bicycle usefirst offense:$25
Pet policy violationper day:$50
Hall sportsper offense:$25
Noise policy violationfirst offense:$25$50
Alcohol policy violation$50
Supplying alcohol to a minorhost:$100
(in addition to automatic second alcohol offense)per guest:$50
Misrepresentation of age by a minorper offense:$100
drug policy violationfirst offense:$100$150
Improper use of ID cardfirst offense:$50