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Disciplinary Sanctions in Order of Severity

Sanctions can be assigned individually or in combination, as appropriate. Sanctions are cumulative for the entire time a student is at Vermont Tech.
  • Verbal Warning: A formal warning of the consequences of continuing a behavior. No other specific action is taken unless further misconduct occurs.
  • Written Warning: An official written notification that a student‘s behavior is in violation of College regulations or standards, including expected behavior in the future. Further misconduct may be treated with more serious sanctions.
  • Fines: Financial compensation for damage or offense paid to the College. Damage fines pay to replace or repair damage. Administrative fines go to funding for student related programs and activities.
  • Monetary Restitution: When appropriate, the sanction may require restitution for damages or other payment for expenses incurred from the student‘s actions. Monetary restitution may be required to the College, a specific department, or an individual.
  • Community Restitution: Sanctions may require performance of a specified number of community restitution hours. This sanction can be fulfilled either on or off campus. The College official assigning the sanction will follow up on its completion. Failure to complete community restitution will result in an additional fine, $10 per hour not completed, and the original community restitution hours will be reinstated. Continued non-compliance will result in the student's records not being available, including those of graduating seniors, until the requirements are satisfied. In extreme cases this may result in suspension/expulsion.
  • In some cases, the College may require the student to perform Community Restitution hours with a specific program or in a specific place, as a form of an Educational Sanction.
  • Restriction: Denial of access to classrooms, residence halls, computer labs, campus activities, or the elimination of other privileges.
  • Residence Hall Probation: An indication that a student is no longer in good standing in the residence hall community. Further violations may result in immediate loss of eligibility to live in or visit the residence halls.
  • Disciplinary Probation: Additional violations within the probationary period shall result in more severe sanctions, which may include suspension or dismissal from the College. Probationary status is issued for a stated period of time, and may include specific restrictions of the student.
  • Suspension from the Residence Halls: This prohibits a student from residing in or visiting any College operated residence hall on either a temporary or a permanent basis. The student may reapply for housing after the stated period of suspension. Specific restrictions on access to residence halls during the period of suspension may be invoked. Suspension includes forfeiture of any fee rebate for the remainder of the housing contract.
  • Disciplinary Suspension from the College: Suspension separates the student from the College for a specified period of time. Such separation prohibits attendance at any classes, College-sponsored social events, or other functions or visiting College grounds or buildings or the New England Culinary Institute housing complex in Essex Junction. The student may not register and/or enroll until the stated period of suspension is completed, and all other requirements are met. Suspended students will receive no refund of tuition, room, board or other fees as a result of their suspension.
  • Disciplinary Dismissal: Separates the student permanently from Vermont Technical College. Dismissed students will receive no refund of tuition, room, board, or other fees. Dismissal is also noted on a student‘s transcript. If dismissed, a student may not return for two years, and only then upon formal appeal, and after meeting with the Dean of Enrollment and Student Affairs.