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The following are grounds for appeal:
  • New evidence not reasonably available at the time the incident report was written.
  • A procedural error in the  in incident report or in the way the preliminary meeting was held that can be shown to have a detrimental impact
  • Errors in the interpretation of College policy so substantial as to deny any party a fair judgment
  • A grossly inappropriate sanction having no reasonable relationship to the charges.
During any hearings that are part of the appeals processes, a student is allowed to have one support person; this person is not permitted to speak on the student's behalf, but only to advise and support the student.
  • Appeals must be submitted, in writing, to the Assistant Dean of Students, Morey 122C
  • Appeals must be submitted within 48 hours of receiving the sanction
  • Appeals must be based upon the grounds for appeal stated above or it will be denied.
For information on appeals relate to Nursing and Allied Health clinical sanctions, please refer to the appropriate section for that program in this handbook