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Student’s Rights and Responsibilities in Disciplinary Proceedings

Each student has the right to tell his or her sides of an incident before sanctioning decisions are made, and to appeal any sanction if there are grounds to do so. No student will be fined for a policy violation before having a hearing, except in rare cases where the student resists all good-faith efforts to be contacted.

In certain aggravated circumstances where a student presents an imminent threat to him/ herself or others, a student can be  placed on interim suspension from the residence halls or  College pending a hearing. In such cases, the hearing will be held as soon as reasonably possible.

When confronted for a policy violation, it is in each student's best interest to respond politely, provide identification promptly upon request, and comply with any College officials involved. Failure to do these things will be considered aggravating factors during sanctioning. Students should also respond promptly to a request to meet from a College official. Failure to comply with a College official, or providing false information, can result in a fine of $25 per occurrence. Failure to appear at any disciplinary hearing can result in a fine of $25.