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General Conduct

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct includes, but is not limited to: rioting; public intoxication; lewd, indecent, or obscene behavior; littering; causing any object to be ejected from any part of a College owned building; indecent exposure; elimination of bodily fluids or waste other than in designated receptacles; libel; slander; disruption or obstruction of the lawful activities of the College or its members, including their exercise of the right to assembly and peaceful protest. Any such behavior is subject to disciplinary action and/or prosecution, at the discretion of the College.


The College does not allow windows to be used as a point of entrance to or exit from a building.

Prank Telephone Calls

Use of the College phone system for prank, harassing, or unwelcome calls is strictly prohibited. This includes calling a College line from off campus. Violators can be fined and can lose phone privileges on a second or subsequent offense as well as face possible harassment charges.

Illegal Gambling

The College prohibits all illegal gambling as defined by Vermont State Law. Furthermore, the College discourages gambling as it can lead to serious financial problems and addiction. Gambling may be permitted, with prior College approval, as a fund raising activity for charitable causes.

Skateboarding, Rollerblading, Bicycling

  • Roller blading and skateboarding are not allowed in College buildings.
  • Careless, negligent or reckless skating or bicycling on College walkways, roads and parking
  • lots may result in disciplinary action including fines and confiscation. T
  • The use of benches, stairs, planters, railings or any other fixtures on College property for skating or snowboarding tricks is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be billed for damages associated with these activities.
  • There is a skateboard park in the town of Randolph which students are welcome to use free of charge.


There is no smoking in any Vermont Technical College building. Smokers must stand twenty-five feet from entrances to College buildings, except in designated smoking areas. Please be considerate of other members of the College community when smoking by doing so away from windows and building entrances.

Confiscated Items

Any items, such as weapons or prohibited appliances, which are confiscated by Residence Life or Public Safety, may be claimed by the student at the end of the semester, unless an exception is granted by the College official who confiscated it. It is the students‘ responsibility to claim the item. Items that are illegal to possess in the State of Vermont will not be returned at any time.