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Prohibited Acts Against a Person

Physical Harm and Physical Abuse

This includes threats and acts of physical harm or abuse including, but not limited to: hazing; personal injury; alcohol or other drug abuse; physical restraint; holding or transporting an individual against her or his will; any actual or threatened nonconsensual sexual act.

Nonphysical Abuse

Threats or actual nonphysical abuse, or abusive behavior towards another person includes, but is not limited to: verbal or written statements in a form of expression unprotected by law, such as obscenity, fighting words and defamation; psychological abuse or abusive behavior through verbal or written statements that intend to or could reasonably be foreseen to cause embarrassment, humiliation, shame, fright, grief or intimidation.

This also includes stalking, which is willfully, maliciously and repeatedly following, contacting or harassing another person in a manner which would cause a reasonable person to feel frightened, intimidated, threatened or harassed.

Property Offenses

Actual or attempted destruction, vandalism, and stealing of property and services are prohibited. This applies both to College and personal property of members of the College community and includes: trespassing or entering unauthorized areas; unauthorized or inappropriate use of College or personal property; unauthorized use, possession, or duplication of keys, computer access codes or other security mechanisms; using fraudulent pretenses to procure money, property, or services; purchase or possession of stolen or embezzled property or services.

Sanctions for these offenses include full restitution for the item(s) stolen or destroyed, in addition to any fines or additional sanctions deemed appropriate by the College including possibly prosecution according to State law.


Possessing or using weapons, explosives, flammable substances or other dangerous devices is prohibited. A weapon is any object or substance designed and/ or used to inflict a wound, cause injury, or to incapacitate. This includes but is not limited to: firearms, pellet guns, air pistols, air rifles, knives, black jacks, metal knuckles, fireworks, explosives, bows or arrows, crossbows, slingshots, throwing stars, swords, biological and chemical agents and chemicals such as Mace and/or tear gas. Replicas and facsimiles of weapons are also prohibited. Hunting weapons must be checked in with Public Safety during the appropriate season, and must not be left in a vehicle or a residence hall room. Please refer to VTC Policy 610 Possession of Weapons for a complete explanation.