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Privacy, Search and Seizure

Students have the right of privacy, and to be free from unreasonable searches or unlawful arrest on College property and within their campus residences. This includes residence halls on the Randolph Center as well as the New England Culinary Institute residence halls in Essex Junction. Students have the responsibility to respect the privacy of other members of the College community in their persons and in their places of residence.

When College authorities have reason to suspect that a violation of College policy or state or Federal law is present, they reserve the right to investigate and confiscate evidence of the violation. In addition, College officials may make a cursory search of the student's room and person, including refrigerators, closets, wardrobes, desks, bags, boxes, knapsacks or any item that can be used for the concealment of an illegal substance. Material evidence such as alcoholic beverages and empty containers, drug paraphernalia, suspicious odors, disruptive behavior, weapons or possession of stolen property will generally be the basis for such a search. Students are reminded that they have agreed to the right to search when they signed the college housing contract.

Students should understand that there should be no expectation of privacy when using the college computer network. The network is the property of the Vermont State Colleges and any violation of network policy (add link) is prohibited. While college officials will not access student email accounts or other network locations without probable cause, if it is brought to our attention that the network is being used in violation of the acceptable use policy or in violation of the student code of conduct or state or Federal law, appropriate action will be taken. This also includes social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace or YouTube. We do not actively monitor these types of sites but if it is brought to our attention that inappropriate or illegal activity is taking place on such a site we will investigate.