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Freedom of Expression

The College considers freedom of inquiry and discussion essential to a student's educational development. Thus, the College recognizes the rights of all students to engage in discussion, to exchange thought and opinion, and to speak, write, or publish freely on any subject, in accordance with the guarantees of Federal or State constitutions. This broad principle is the foundation of education in democracy.

Student groups may freely select persons they wish to invite as guest speakers or performers. There are no restrictions on the points of view expressed by speakers other than those imposed by national or state law. The invitation of an outside speaker does not imply approval or sponsorship of her/ his views by the College nor by the group inviting that individual. Speakers should be scheduled as would be done with any event. All communication by members of the College community should be guided by common sense, common decency and a sense of civility.

There are, however, limits to freedom of expression when they involve defamation, threats or abusive or unsolicited advances. Please familiarize yourself with the policies on harassment and appropriate use of computer networks for more details.