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Student Profiles

Allow Us to Introduce: Stephanie Adams

Stephanie Adams comes to us from Bernardston, Massachusetts for the ADN program at the Brattleboro/Thompson site. Her future goals are to obtain a nursing position in a hospital setting and continue to perform volunteer work as a nurse throughout the community and worldwide.

After reading about the recent earthquake in Haiti, ADN student Stephanie Adams felt compelled to visit the country and volunteer her services. Here is her story in her own words:

“When I read about the earthquake in Haiti,” Adams said, “I really wanted to reach out and help.  Through my studies at Vermont Tech, I knew I had the knowledge and skills I’d need to be of some assistance. So after thinking about it a bit, I decided to join the team and go.”

“Once I arrived, I was immediately asked to help out in various ways, including ER, primary care, and medical surgery. At one hospital I had 16 patients, one of whom was a 24-year old woman who had fractured her ulna during the earthquake and been put in a cast. When her cast was removed, an x-ray revealed that her fracture had not healed. This left her needing another round of surgery and a brand new cast – all of which happened before I arrived. On my first day there, I was assessing her condition, specifically her CSMT (color, sensation, motion, and temperature) and I found that she couldn’t wiggle her fingers without an intense amount of pain. I tried to perform a capillary refill, but her pain was too intense. I then notified the MD, who found she had acute compartment syndrome. If this woman had not been assessed at that time, she would have had to have her arm amputated.”

“My experience in Haiti was challenging, unforgettable, and life changing. I learned how strong and resilient the Haitian people are, and I realized how important the work I’ve been doing at Vermont Tech really is.  Knowing my studies are preparing me to help people – and possibly save lives – is a wonderful feeling.”