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Student Profiles

Allow Us to Introduce: Vincent Lentini

Class of 2011

Vincent is originally from Barre, Vermont. He is a former student of Spaulding High School, and the Barre Technology Center. He has been interested in learning about computers since childhood, and before attending VTC, spent 2 years learning computer programming at the Technology Center.

Vince is enthusiastic about continuing his education at Vermont Tech. He likes the classes in the Software Engineering curriculum, as well as the professors that teach them. "I really enjoy my classes with Professor Damon," says Vince, "He's friendly and helpful. I usually have at least one class a year with him, which is a plus - when starting a new class it's good to know that the professor already knows me."

When he's not busy with class, homework, and clubs on campus, Vince enjoys sitting back and relaxing with his bass guitar. Since he's not far from home, he is able to keep up playing bass in some local bands. "I'm glad that there's a music room in the basement of my dorm, so I can practice while I'm at school without disturbing anyone," he says.

Once he graduates from Vermont Tech, Vince has aspirations of working on a video game development team, or trying his hand at web design. He is confident that he will be prepared for a career once he decides on what it will be, and looks forward to working with Vermont Tech's Career Services Department.