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Student Profiles

Allow Us to Introduce: Maryah Merlo

Class of 2011

Maryah comes to us from Hartford High School, although she has lived all over Vermont. Though she never formally studied computers in high school, she learned a lot from her older brother and became very interested in studying computers in college.

Although her area of study has proved to be challenging, Maryah enjoys working through every bit of it. Additionally, she takes pride in studying aspects of web development like HTML. Graduating is her most important goal at Vermont Tech. She hopes to gain hands-on experience through internships and job opportunities. She is ambituously seeking an associates degree in Computer Engineering, and a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering in just four years of school.

"I enjoy the comofort and homey feel that VTC brings and also the friendly atmosphere of the teachers and peers," says Maryah. "My advisor is working with me to help me accomplish my goals and I know he has my best interests in mind."