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Student Profiles

Allow Us to Introduce: Karla Cabral

Class of 2012

Karla CabralMeet Karla Cabral, a student in our Dental Hygiene program. Karla comes to Vermont Tech from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and is attending classes at our Williston campus. Since most of out-of-state residential students live and attend classes at our Randolph Center campus, we wanted to know why Karla chose to pursue her degree at Vermont Tech – Williston over someplace closer to home, and how she is enjoying her overall college experience.

So Karla, why did you choose Vermont Tech?

Karla:  “I chose Vermont Tech in part because I was accepted into the dental hygiene program – which I knew was very competitive – but also because I have always loved Vermont.  When I began looking at schools I thought, why not look for one in a place I love?”

What do you like best about the program?

Karla: “I like how our instructors really try to prepare us for the national boards, which we have to take in order to receive our dental hygiene licenses when we graduate. The facilities are amazing, and the small class sizes allow me to get real “hands-on” training. After I graduate with my Associate’s degree, my plan is to stay in Vermont and work towards my Bachelors degree.”

How do you like living and learning at the Williston campus?

Karla:  “I love this campus. I love the small, close knit feeling you get here, and I love how diverse the student body is. Let’s face it, as a dental hygiene student my only real interest is teeth and my only real hobby is studying. But when I do need a break, there’s plenty to do. I’m a member of the Williston Knights Club, which gives campus tours to anyone interested in learning more about the school. I am part of the student council. And if I really need something to do, Burlington is just down the road.”

What is dorm life like at Williston?

Karla: “Living on campus is definitely an experience I will never forget. Williston's housing is kind of a mix between a traditional college dorm and a large luxury apartment. Living here has allowed me to meet a wide variety of people with whom I’ve become very close.”

So is Vermont Tech what you expected?

Karla: “I guess I always thought I would attend a huge university, but Vermont Tech - Williston is pretty much the exact opposite. Knowing what I know now, however, I am so much happier here than I would ever be at a big school. Here, all of my professors know my name and they care how I am doing. I knew earning a degree in dental hygiene would be difficult – and it has been – but my teachers are preparing me well and I know I’ll be successful when I graduate.”