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Low Impact Design/ Build Initiative

The Vermont Tech Low Impact Design/Build Initiative (LIDI) is a student-led research initiative focusing how to design and construct affordable home tailored to the specific needs of Vermonters in non-urban areas.

The first LIDI-designed structure will serve as a "living laboratory" at Vermont Tech for the advancement of applied research by faculty and students in all fields of study. Led by a three-member student committee, 10 students are currently working on the design phase; additional students and staff will participate in each phase of the design and construction process.

The completed structure will function not only as a laboratory for the long-term study of the design, practice, and construction strategies utilized its formation, but will also serve in development and testing of future strategies aimed at increased sustainability within the fields of study offered at Vermont Tech.

The structure, planned to be between 600 and 1,000 square feet, will incorporate the design of safe, economically affordable, and environmentally responsible practices that are informed by the rich heritage of Vermont while aiming to find creative and innovative strategies focused on energy independence, durability, adaptability, and resilience in the face of unforeseen natural events.

LIDI's office and the "laboratory" are located at Vermont Tech's Center for Sustainable Practices, which provides educational opportunities that explore sustainability in ways that are consistent with Vermont Technical College's mission, focus on applied research, and emphasis on experiential learning.

LIDI's long-term goal is to reinvigorate the discussion of sustainable practices and development not only within the Vermont Tech community but also throughout the wider area as Vermonters work to reimagine the rural fabric of the state in a time of social, economic, and climate change.

Project Schedule

October 2012: Schematic Design Complete

November 2012: Development and Engineering Commence

April / May 2013: Construction Commences

October / November 2013: Construction Complete

For more information, contact LIDI Head of Marketing Esther M. Covey at (802) 249 - 6155 or