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Film Series

The Center for Sustainable Practices Film Series brings short films to campus that are written and directed with a clear perspective on a particular environmental topic or issue. The CSP takes no position on the messages contained in the films. These presentations are intended to create an opportunity for students, faculty, staff and community members to engage in dialogue about each film, to reflect on what is "sustainable practice" and to relate the film's message to the college and other communities in which we the audience members are participants.

There is no charge to attend a film, and whenever possible, films are aired more than once in a semester, and often at both the VT Tech Randolph and Williston campuses.

Check back often, as opportunities to add films or viewing dates and locations arise during the course of each semester

All films are scheduled for 6:00 PM at the Allen House

Film Series Dates for the Fall Semester, 2012:
  • "Flow: For the Love of Water": Monday September 17th
This 93 minute documentary asks the question "How did a handful of corporations steal our water?" Designated a Critics' Pick by the film reviewers of The New York Times in 2008, and was a clear "hit" at the Sundance Film Festival that same year. The film has been described as "alarming but empowering." It includes interviews with some of the world's leading activists, scientists and policy makers. But it also looks at how everyday people are affected around the world - from the United States to South Africa to India and the growing network of grassroots activists that are coming together. 
  • "The Last Mountain": Monday October 29th 
An official selection of the Sundance Film Festival (2011), this 95 minute documentary traces the horrific outcomes from the practice of mountain top removal employed by the coal industry in West Virginia. The film shows how local citizens stand up to industries that are making harmful decisions for their communities. A reviewer on the RottenTomatoes movie review website writes, the Director's "... searing indictment of coal mining-especially the mountain top variety-is a timely reminder of the dangers of relying on non-renewable energy resources to keep most of our electricity requirements on  the grid."
  • "Fresh" : Wednesday November 28th
Winning multiple film awards in 2009 - the year of its release - this movie began as an effort to support and grow a grassroots movement, and become one of its own. A 72 minute film, today it is used all over the world as a platform to raise awareness and connect people to solutions in their community. FRESH celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system.