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VTC Athletics Announces Creation of Athletics Hall of Fame

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vermont Tech has announced the creation of an Athletics Hall of Fame, with the inaugural class to be inducted this year at a dinner for the inductees, family members, teammates, friends and college administration. The purpose will be to recognize accomplishments and contributions of individuals whose participation in Knight athletics has brought distinction and honor to the program.

Specifically, the Hall of Fame will recognize persons from all sports in which Vermont Tech competed as a recognized intercollegiate athletic event through its long history. The Hall of Fame is in place to recognize athletes, coaches, administrators and contributors who through his/her commitment, sacrifice and dedication to the Vermont Tech athletic program, in turn bringing pride and distinction to the college and surrounding community. The Hall provides role models to follow for the student-athletes, coaches, administrators and others within the Vermont Tech community, perpetuating the definition of athletic and academic excellence long held at the college. The overarching mission is to acknowledge those who have come before; who through their extraordinary achievements helped build the program into what it is today as well as link the past and present generations of those involved in athletics at the college. This link strengthens the bond between the various generations, enhancing the support garnered from the past to the current and from the current to the past.

In order to maintain the integrity of the Hall of Fame criteria has been established for nominations which can be found on the athletics webpage under the general athletics tab on the top navigation bar. Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and character. All candidates will be judged by a panel selected by Athletic Director Jenn Norton-Magnan. Considerations will include the nominee's significant and or long-term contributions to Vermont Technical College athletics.

The Athletic Department is currently accepting nominations for 2012 recipients and those names will be chosen and presented in the upcoming Academic Year. The nomination form can be found in PDF format under the Hall of Fame criteria or in an easy to use online submission form, also located under top athletics navigation bar on the athletics webpage or by simply clicking on the Knight logo below.