Meredith L. Roberts, PhD, MSN, RN

Roberts, PhD, MSN, RN
Associate Professor
Faculty member, Meredith Roberts

Full Time
[P](802) 879-5970
BA, Salem College; BSN, George Mason University; MSN, PhD, University of Phoenix

I led the creation and implementation of Vermont Tech’s new online BSN program at Vermont Tech, and now teach across all three programs. I live in in a self-designed log cabin and have worked in a variety of care settings on the east coast from the ICU, to Oncology Case Manager, Infection Control Practitioner, Staff Educator, School Nurse, and administrator. I received my BSN at George Mason then received my MSN at Phoenix and am close to completing my PhD. I passed the comprehensive exam, and am finalizing my last dissertation revision. I have one daughter living in Colorado who graduated from medical school in Denver, and who practices as a family physician in Grand Junction with her husband who owns a climbing wall gym and my two grandsons. I have five horses, love music, husband, and participate in many professional organizations as well as community theater.