Landscape Design II

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LAH 2012
Landscape (LAH)

This course focuses upon the art and science of planting design, with essential emphasis given to theory and practice (site analysis; design process and synthesis; development of an appropriate plant palette; production of planting plans; specifications and contract documents; and cost estimating and bid documents). Students will be expected to develop appropriate plant palettes that are responsive to site characteristics, cultural requirements of individual plant species, aesthetic qualities of individual plant species, and design intent. Assignments will focus upon design principles and elements in planting designs, historical precedent, and current issues relevant to planting design. Attention will be given to observation, assessment, and the practice of designing as a method of gaining knowledge about the theory and practice of planting design. The delivery of the course content will be through lectures, readings, group discussions, field trips, studio/design projects, and juried presentations.

6 hours of studio per week

[Course fee: $20]