Equine Training I

Course Number: 
EQS 2011
Equine Studies (EQS)

Students learn safe and effective techniques for training the green or unbroken horse for various disciplines, as well as develop skills to critically analyze various trainers and strategies. The course includes discussion sessions during which students view and evaluate equine behavior and the training methods of professional trainers. The labs include hands-on practice of groundwork, including round-penning, classical lunging, and long lining with a strong emphasis on safety and developing a positive attitude in the horse. The training horses will be introduced to harness and/or saddle as well as desensitization training. Introduction to actual riding or driving will depend on each training horse’s rate of progress.

2 hours of lecture, 2 hours of lab per week

[Course fee: $150]


2 semesters of EQS 2025 or instructor permission