Applied Entrepreneurship

Course Number: 
BUS 3041
Business (BUS)

This course is the second course in a two-course series on entrepreneurship. Course one provides the knowledge and fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship; course two applies those concepts to cases and provides students hands-on experiences in entrepreneurial environments. This course takes the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and applies them to business cases and fieldwork. The course is divided into two sections: (1) creating and pitching a new business concept and (2) evaluating an existing entrepreneurial venture through fieldwork. Students will work in teams to create, evaluate, and develop a concept for a new entrepreneurial venture for either a profit or non-profit mission. Students will also engage in field work with an existing organization engaged in entrepreneurial activities. Organizations may be identified by students or through client-based service providers (VT SBDC, VMEC, United Way, VBSR, etc.)

3 hours of lecture per week