Business Internship & Career Seminar

Course Number: 
BUS 2820
As Required
Business (BUS)

This course is designed to blend the reflective nature of classroom learning with the applied nature of the workplace. The course will focus on the role and importance of work in society and the impact of work and work-life balance on one’s personal and professional life. Readings and online forum discussions will examine topics such as matching skills and interests to career paths; job search and interview techniques; physical, emotional, and financial well-being; work-life balance; dealing with difficult people; organizational politics; and ethical implications of decisions and actions. Students will create a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, and they will learn effective job search and interview techniques. This course consists of at least 75 hours of work and participation in the online class. The course will be valuable to students enrolled in any major.

3 hours of online lecture per week


Sophomore standing