Writing for Electronic & Social Media

Course Number: 
BUS 2131
Fall As Required
Business (BUS)

This course will examine the history of electronic communication and social media and their roles in society and in business. The course will integrate components of communication, sociology, marketing, and analytics. Students will reflect on the impact of social media on individuals and on the consumer experience, and they will discuss the ethical, cultural, global, and professional effects of social media. This course will focus on how individuals and organizations can maximize the potential and minimize the drawbacks of electronic communication and social media. Students will write email messages, instant messages, text messages, and they will create blogs, microblogs, and social media postings. The course will prepare students to analyze the impact of electronic communication, to write typical business messages, to have a role in marketing, or to pursue an entrepreneurial venture. The class will review grammar guidelines and research techniques.

3 hours of lecture per week