Electrical Engineering Technology (AE)

Electrical systems are everywhere. Systems as diverse as computers,cell phones, smart grids, and wind turbines all employ similar underlying principles. Our graduates in Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) are well-prepared to work on these systems and many others. At Vermont Tech, theory learned in the classroom is reinforced by laboratory exercises in EET classes. Laboratories are equipped with instruments, power supplies, and controllers used widely in the industry and we offer analog and digital laboratories at both campuses.

Graduates of this program are able to work in any number of challenging positions. As engineering technicians, they may participate in such varied activities as research, development, design, production, or manufacturing of complex electrical, electronic, or electromechanical products. Testing, quality control, marketing, installation, and customer service are among the job opportunities available.

Students may also pursue a dual major with Computer Engineering Technology or Mechanical Engineering Technology. Upon completion of a two-year associate degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, students may pursue a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, or Business Technology & Management.

During National Engineers Week 2016, an electrical engineering student, Torrie Weston, was awarded Student Engineer of the Year. Read more...

The Associate of Engineering in Electrical Engineering Technology program will:

  • Provide students with the capabilities to be immediately employable and productive in the workplace
  • Provide the education so that graduates are knowledgeable in both theory and application
  • Instill the necessary skills so that graduates are qualified for positions of responsibility
  • Provide the base of knowledge so that graduates are prepared for lifelong learning and can adapt to new and emerging technologies
  • Provide the base of knowledge so that graduates can continue their formal education

Students with an Associate of Engineering in Electrical Engineering Technology should be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to apply the knowledge, techniques, skills, and modern tools of electrical engineering technology to narrowly-defined engineering technology activities
  • The ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to electrical engineering technology problems that require limited application of principles but extensive practical knowledge
  • The ability to conduct standard tests and measurements and to conduct, analyze, and interpret experiments related to electrical engineering technology
  • The ability to function effectively as a member of a technical team
  • The ability to identify, analyze, and solve narrowly-defined engineering technology problems
  • The ability to apply written, oral, and graphical communication in both technical and non-technical environments and to identify and use appropriate technical literature
  • An understanding of the need for and ability to engage in self-directed continuing professional development
  • An understanding of and a commitment to address professional and ethical responsibilities including a respect for diversity
  • A commitment to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement

The program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.

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Percent Job and Advanced Education Placement Rate in Electrical Engineering Technology

Vermont Tech Electrical Engineering Technology student outcomes are strong. The class of 2016 had a 100% job and advanced placement rate within six months of graduation. Many students have internships while they’re in college that lead to full-time employment after graduation.

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