Advanced Software Development

Demand for information technology professionals is strong and growing. Jobs in software development are projected to grow as fast as average or faster, with earnings potential above average salaries. The work can be often found across industries and is needed in both small and large organizations. Employees with these skills are highly valued. Students earning this advanced certificate should expect to find work as or advance to a mid to senior-level programmer with a software company.

This advanced certificate require all students to have previously earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. The advanced certificate requires a more substantial background, such as completing a minor in the field or earning a basic certificate in the area.

Vermont Technical College offers a series of certificates for students who have already completed a degree, either at Vermont Tech or elsewhere, and who are seeking to expand their skill set to a new domain. Each certificate consists of 6-8 courses within a discipline and provide the essential material for that discipline. Certificates require all students to have previously earned an associate degree (or higher) from an accredited institution. These certificates expect little specialized preparation, although they may require an appropriate math or science background as noted.

To earn a certificate, a student must maintain a cumulative GPA for the entire certificate of at least 3.0. Courses where the final grade is below a C do not count toward the certificate, but with the permission of the host department, a subsequent course may be substituted for use in the certificate. For students with a particularly strong background, up to 2 courses may be waived by department permission.

An admitted student must have completed the certificate in software development or have alternative equivalent experience.

  • Scholarships: While there are no program-specific scholarships available at this time, additional scholarships are available.  

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Percent Job and Advanced Education Placement Rate in Advanced Software Development

Vermont Tech Advanced Software Developement student outcomes are strong. The class of 2016 had a 100% job and advanced placement rate within six months of graduation. Many students have internships while they’re in college that lead to full-time employment after graduation.


  • Craig A. Damon

    Associate Professor & Department Co-Chair
  • Jean F. Hakim

    Associate Professor & Department Co-Chair

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